R.C.A System


Technology overview

Too much fuel consumption is required in maintaining the removable temperature when adapting such combustion technologies as RTO or CTO in destructing high airflow and low concentration VOC Gas, and therefore results in expensive operation and maintenance costs. Therefore, it became to require a high airflow and low concentration VOC Gas process technology with lower cost and RCA (Rotor Concentrator Adsorption) system is an alternative that responds to this requirement.


Technology fundamentals

RCA System is a device that concentrates high airflow and low concentration VOC Gas into low airflow and high concetration VOC Gas through repetitive adsorption and desorption. The concentrated VOC Gas is processed again with separate combustion technology. The representative adsorbents of VOC Gas are Zeolite or Activated Carbon, while the destruction efficiency of RCA System is approximately 95%.




Device description

RCA System is a form of continuous rotation of disc shaped Zeolite bed which is classified between 10~12 sections depending on the desired concentration ratio. The Zeolite bed is largely divided by Adsorption Zone, Desorption Zone and Cooling Zone. The gas containing VOCs is separated from its containing gas by adsorbent while passing through adsorption zone, and then discharged to air through stack. While undergoing desorption zone, the adsorbed VOC substance is desorbed by high temperature VOC gas of which heat is increased at additional heat exchanger, and transforms into low airflow and high concentration VOC gas. To regenerate adsorbent capable of adsorption, the adsorbent is cooled off while passing through cooling zone and then recovers the origin attribute


Cooling gas passing through Cooling Zone uses the process gas that has not been undergone Adsorption zone, and this cooling gas is made to processed with adsorption operation after being moved to desorption zone by additional heat exchanger.




VOC Gas of low airflow and high concentration discharged after adsorption completely removes the VOC substance with additional combustion device (generally Direct Thermal Oxidizer).


Features of our Devices

Simple and compact device structure requires less installation area on site.
Short period for manufacturing, installation and test operation.
Various device size and capacity which are even adjustable by customer’s request.
Simple device structure, easy maintenance, and little management point.


Merits of Zeolite Adsorbent

Excellent absorbency in low density.
Easy desorption at high temperature.
High destruction efficiency. (over 95%)
No transformation at high temperature and non-flammable.
Low risk of performance decrease despite long operation hours.
Hardly removable solvent or similar organic alkane can be also processed