Technology overview

A very primitive method of VOC Gas combustion technologies, which directly combusts the VOC Gas of which property is relatively low airflow and high density.


Technology fundamentals

The system removes VOC substance without additional fuel as it generates heat while combusting VOC substance itself along with fuel, provided that VOC substance has high conentration. However, lowering concentration of VOC substance result in increased consumption of additional fuel and subsequently increased operation cost.






Device description

The gas containing VOC absorbs and increases the heat from discharged gas of high temperature which was processed through heat exchanger to a maximum degree. DTO System combusts VOC substance at approximately 700~760℃, and the heat is increased at heat exchanger to an extent that no additional fuel is required to be injected depending on the condition of heat increase by containing VOC substance. Despite the maximum heat increase at heat exchanger, in the event that heat is not increased up to the DTO system operation temperature due to low VOC density, the device enforces the heat to reach operation requirement by combusting the fuel as much as required. Therefore, the lower VOC concentration is required more higher additional fuel comsumption.