Economic growth and industrial development cause worldwide energy consumption to increase every year ad subsequently the pollutant discharged from the use of fossil fuel is affecting direct damage to people’s lives.
Recently, consideration and concern on VOCs and NOx which are directly noxious to human body, generate ozone, PAN and effect as factor substance of environment destruction such as Photochemical Smog have been drastically increased, and therefore enterprises are required to provide efficient counterplans for this matter.
DEVOCS, based on our own Know-how from past ten years’ VOCs and NOx treatment and facility business, will provide solution as well as active participation to the customer’s environmental improvement, and further realize the leading corporate in Regenerative Thermal Oxidation technology such as RTO/RCO which have been highly dependent on foreign technologies. We guarantee our very best endeavor for customer satisfaction by providing not only the Rotary 1-Can RTO/RCO of which patent is already registered and commercialized but also reasonably priced, highly qualified and economically efficient VOCs and NOx reduction technologies through sustainable development.



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